The Program

Earn a Diploma in Children’s Ministry from Kidmin Academy! The Kidmin Academy Diploma Program is designed to educate and empower those who minister to children and families.

When you enroll in The Kidmin Academy Diploma Program, you will enter a 12-month program that will give you the tools you need to minister to children and families. This program is perfect for any leader in children’s, youth or family ministry!

100% Online

Kidmin Academy is entirely online. You will learn from some of the most respected children’s and family ministry leaders today through virtual classroom experiences, a private online community, required reading, assignments, and more.

Time Commitment

The Kidmin Academy Diploma Program is a 12-month program. Each month there is one virtual classroom experience where you will learn from a member of our faculty and will interact with other students in your cohort. Each virtual classroom experience is 2 hours long.

In addition to the monthly video conferences, you will have required reading and assignments. You should plan on a total of 3-5 hours of work each week.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate and receive your Kidmin Academy Diploma in Children's Ministry, you must successfully complete the 12 modules (outlined below). These 12 Core Modules are required by our Dean.

IWU College credits for Kidmin Academy Graduates!

INDIANA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY is excited to announce a new partnership with Kidmin Academy! Graduates of Kidmin Academy are now eligible to receive fi ve (5) hours of assessed credit from IWU's Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) toward two of IWU's online degree programs.

Graduates of Kidmin Academy are now eligible to receive five (5) hours of assessed credit from IWU's Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) toward two of IWU's online degree programs.

Additionally, IWU is waiving its PLA assessment fees for Kidmin Academy graduates. That means you save $1,745 toward an associate degree program or $2,175 toward a bachelor's degree program.

Core Modules

Completion of all 12 are required for graduation.
  • Course Name
    Course Detail
  • KMA101
    OCT 2017
    Kidmin Leadership: This course examines the basics in children's ministry leadership. Topics include recruiting and keeping volunteers, security and safety, budgeting, spiritual formation, worship, partnering with parents and more.
    Brian Dollar
  • KMA102
    Volunteers: Provides a biblical foundation for working with volunteers and offers insight into recruiting and keeping them for the long haul.
    Frank Bealer
  • KMA103
    Curriculum: Provides a biblical foundation for Christian Education and offers insights into choosing a curriculum for your ministry.
    Josh & Kate Richter
  • KMA104
    Family Ministry: Believing that parents are called to the primary spiritual leaders in the lives of their children, this course will help you form a church-parent strategy for your ministry.
    Dr. Michelle Anthony
  • KMA105
    Generational Collaboration: Meaningful life change will not be measured simply by the kids who are influenced in your age-specific ministry, but by your ability to partner with intergenerational ministries that interact with kids as they grow and develop. This course will explore the idea of looking beyond the age group you are responsible for and collaborate with other leaders to expand your impact.
    Kenny Conley
  • KMA106
    Personal and Organizational Leadership: In this course, students will learn the personal leadership skills that are essential for effective team and organizational growth.
    Sam Chand
  • KMA107
    Early Childhood: A study on providing quality care and transformational educational experiences for young children.
    Tina Houser
  • KMA108
    Bringing Bible to Life: This course provides the student with the necessary tools and skills to teach the Bible in such a way that it comes to life for kids!
    Karl Bastian
  • KMA109
    Kids Worship: Get training on how to get kids excited and engaged in worship!
  • KMA110
    Special Needs: This course will help you create and maintain a special needs ministry that will become an outreach to your community.
    Marie Kuck
  • KMA111
    Missional Families: This course examines what happens when a family serves together and how to build service opportunities into the DNA of your ministry.
    Beth Guckenberger
  • KMA112
    Digital Ministry: Practical aspects of ministering in a digital age are covered in this course, including social networking, digital technology, and more.
    Matt McKee

*Please note: The courses and dates are subject to change throughout the year.

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